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HERO Project 

The economic crisis that our Nation is facing has not only affected citizens in our community, but it has had a devastating effect on the horses in our country.  Unfortunately, as the need for new homes for horses has increased, the market for horses has declined providing owners with fewer options for placement.

What are the options for homeless/displaced: Sadly there are few at this time. Horse rescues throughout the country are at or near capacity and budget cuts at Animal Control facilities have left them unable to take in and care for the overwhelming need. Studies also confirm that the majority (nearly 95%) of horses sold at auction are sold to self-proclaimed “kill buyers” that turn around and sell these horses for slaughter in Canada and Mexico. To date, nearly 100,000 American horses have been sold to slaughter for meat in foreign countries.

The Horse Emergency Response Operation (HERO) project: In an effort to address this crisis, The Grace Foundation created The Horse Emergency Response Operation (HERO) project. This project was put in place to give individuals that have lost their jobs or homes options for their beloved horses. Currently, The Grace Foundation receives more than two dozen requests per month for assistance. The number has tripled in the past three years.  The Grace Foundation has funded this project through limited private donationsOwners must complete an application and provide financial information to qualify for assistance.

What Services does the HERO Project Provide?  

  • Owner-out-reach and education - This component offers horse owners alternative options in hopes of keeping horses in their homes.  If placement is necessary, options and information are provided.   
  • In-take of horses to Grace - In cases where there are no other options available to the owners, horses can be relinquished to The Grace Foundations for care.  Grace provides all care to these horses including medical assessment, veterinary and farrier care.
  • Low-cost and no-cost medical care - Owners must qualify for these services
  • Low-cost vaccination and castration clinics
  • Future services: Grace aims to provide a shelter-in-place HAY fund.  Currently funding is not available for this component. 

Next Steps:

  • Click on the link below to open the H.E.R.O. Application
  • Fill in the data (it is a fillable form)
  • Print the documents
  • Sign the documents
  • Mail them to The Grace Foundation:

P.O Box 4692, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Download H.E.R.O. Application Here


The Grace Foundation is in need of funding for this project.  If you are interested in helping sponsor this program or a HERO project horse, please call (916) 941-0800 or email:

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization * Tax ID #52-2444981
916-941-0800 * 5800 Latigo Ln. El Dorado Hills, Ca 95762 * Mailing Address: PO Box 4692, El Dorado Hills, Ca 95762
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