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Brownies and Girl Scout Badges 
A great way to support Grace and earn a badge at the same time.

Private Mini-Tour and Introductory Session-1 hour                                                                              $10.00/scout

This activity includes a tour of the ranch to meet the animals and learn some basic facts about them in regards to how they live and how to care for them. This is geared towards the younger scouts.

Private Brownie “Try-It Badge” 1.5 hour session:                                                                                $15.00/scout

This activity includes a tour of the ranch where the scouts learn basic facts about the animals as well as how to care for them. The scouts will also learn about safety around horses and the ranch. Scouts will learn basic grooming and leading skills.

Private Junior “Horse Fan Badge” 3 hour session:                                                                                $20.00/scout

This activity includes a ranch tour emphasizing horse and ranch care. Emphasis will be on learning how to use tack and grooming tools, with hands-on time with horses. Scouts will learn basic horse anatomy also. Ranch care and safety will also be discussed. Scouts will discuss different careers with horses, famous horses they have heard about, and may include an art project reflecting what they have learned.  

Horse Rider (without riding) - Session 3 hours:                                                                                         $20.00/scout

This activity includes a ranch tour and emphasis is placed on tack, medical care, and horse and ranch safety.  Scouts will learn about tack and its uses and have to demonstrate their ability to tack up a horse properly. Proper grooming will also be discussed and scouts will show proper usage of tools through hands-on grooming.  The medical area will be toured and discussed as scouts will learn about basic injuries and illnesses and the treatment of them. Hoof and dental care will be emphasized.

Horse Rider (with riding) - Session 3 hours:                                                                                               $50.00/scout

This activity includes the above lessons. The medical section is shortened slightly to accommodate the riding portion. Scouts will need to show basic riding skills such as mounting, dismounting, stop, and turn. Skills shown will depend on riding experience. 

Details & Information

  • Trips can be scheduled for one to three hours in length depending on badge. This time can include a lunch break at our picnic area. Meals not included.      
  • Siblings and additional children participating in the activities will be considered part of the program and will be required to pay the session fees
  • Siblings or additional children cannot be accommodated for the Horse Rider activity.
  • Release of liability required for each participant and for each person (adult or child) that will be staying/attending or chaperoning session.
  • Children’s release of liability forms MUST BE signed by parent or legal guardian- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Click here to download the Release of Liabilty Forms
  • Helmets are required for all riding activities and will be provided by the ranch.
  • Closed toe shoes required to be worn by all attendees (children and adults)
  • Facilities include use of large picnic area with BBQ Grill available upon request.
  • Scout leaders will need to provide their own patches. (Try-it, Horse Fan and Horse Rider)

To book an activity call the ranch at (916) 941-0800 or email:

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