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Horse Clinics and S.T.A.R. Training

These half day classes are designed to give the basic information about horses including information about their daily maintenance needs and care.  These classes also give an overview of Natural horsemanship and help to dispel old myths and methods.

HORSE 101 - This 4 hour class is a good introduction for beginners and a great brush-up lesson for intermediate and advanced horse handlers.

Sessions include:

  • The history of horses and how they think
  • Safety around horses
  • Basic horse care including: feeding, hoof care, veterinary care
  • Breeds, colors and markings
  •  Dispelling old myths
  • Introduction to  natural horsemanship      

Intro to S.T.A.R. - This 4 hour class combines both class time and hands-on time with horses.  Class follows Horse 101 and goes into more detailed information on care and training. You must have attended Horse 101 and completed at least 20 volunteer hours with a team leader to attend this class.  

Sessions include:

  •  Advanced safety skills
  • Basic anatomy of a horse
  • Horse care including: Common ailments and medical problems with horses
  • Proper measuring and weighing: understanding the Henneke scale
  • Intake forms: How to Intake a horse
  • Training techniques including: proper approach, pasture etiquette, proper corrections

Class Hours:

  • Horse 101 is held the second Saturday of each month from 9am- 1pm
  • Intro to S.T.A.R. is held the third Saturday of each month from 9am-1pm

 Class Costs: 

  • Cost for horse 101 and Intro to STAR is FREE to Grace volunteers. 
  • Cost to Non- Grace volunteers: $50.00 per session.        


Natural horsemanship is the philosophy of working with horses by appealing to their instincts and herd mentality. It involves communication techniques derived from observing horses in the wild in order to build a partnership that resembles the relationships that exist between horses. Through her years of working with abused and neglected horses, Beth DeCaprio, Founder and Executive director of The Grace Foundation has developed a training technique combining the four essential components needed to becoming a Star Trainer: Safety, Trust, Acceptance, Respect.  Beth has taken her love for working with children and youth to help develop the S.T.A.R. training, making this a program designed for all ages and levels of horse handlers.

For information about these classes call the ranch at (916)941-0800 email
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