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HERO Project: FAQs

What if I have a horse that I cannot provide for any longer? Download the application below. Please attach a letter detailing the situation. To insure that those with the most urgent needs are provided for, the application must be accompanied by latest tax returns or data that can support your need for assistance. After downloading and filling out the forms, mail them to the address below.

What if I need to find a home for my horse but not for financial reasons? With over 150 animals currently living on the Grace ranch and more horses in need everyday, Grace can only accept horses through the HERO project for financial reasons.  If you are able to fund the care for your horse on a long term basis but are looking for Grace‚Äôs assistance to care for your horse you can submit a HERO application with a letter detailing your need.  Grace will consider these situations on a case by case basis.

What if my horse is very thin and seems to need medical attention?

  • The mission of the HERO project is to be able to intervene prior to the horse not receiving the care they need.  This program does not offer assistance to those that have already committed what experts would determine to be animal cruelty or neglect.  If it is discovered during the HERO application process that a horse is in immediate danger or has been a victim of abuse or neglect, Grace reserves the right to contact the animal control agency in the area.
  • If you are facing a life-threatening emergency with your horse or animal you must contact your local veterinarian or animal control agency.  Grace may be able to offer assistance with a non-life threatening situation, however, the Grace Foundation is not an emergency response organization.

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