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Grace Wish List

It has taken an entire community to make Grace what it is today. We are very proud that each and every building, fence, barn and shelter has been donated and every nail has been hammered by volunteers.

Most items and buildings at the ranch came to Grace used and were donated out of the generosity of the community.

Grace greatly appreciates donations of used in-kind items. In-kind donations make a tremendous impact at Grace and are tax deductible.

  • Vehicles and Equipment: Grace is looking for vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc. for use at the ranch. This may be a tax advantage for the person donating the vehicle. Check with your accountant or CPA for details.
    • Livestock/horse trailers
    • Trucks to pull trailers or to do ranch work
    • Tractors/Gators/ATVs to use around the ranch
    • RVs to be used as mobile rescue units
  • Fencing Materials (no barbed wire please):
    • High tensile wire
    • No climb fencing (wire)
    • Board or vinyl fencing
    • T-posts or other fencing support posts
    • Fencing ties
    • Post-hole diggers, shovels, etc.
  • Shelters or Material to Build Shelters:
    • Plywood (exterior grade)
    • Boards
    • 4x4 posts (any length)
    • 2x4 lumber (any length)
    • Nails and/or screws
    • Roofing material
    • Barns or shelters (that can be dismantled and moved to the ranch)
    • Cover for arena for winter therapy riding programs
  • Feed and Miscellaneous Supplies:
    • Hay (all kinds)
    • Horse feed and grain (all kinds)
    • Salt licks and other supplements
    • Livestock feed of all kinds
    • Cat and kitten food (both dry and wet) 
    • Pet collars, leashes and bowls
    • 3-4 stackable, air tight, pet food storage containers 
    • Feeders, watering equipment & floats
    • Medical and hospital supplies
    • Cages and Pet Crates
    • Veterinary equipment and supplies
  • Every day items:
    • Paper towels
    • Toilet paper 
    • Trash bags (all sizes)
    • Laundry Soap
    • Old blankets and baby sheets (to help keep the dogs and cats at the ranch warm and comfortable) 
  • Property: Grace is always in need of additional land, space or other property. If you have land or property that you may be willing to donate or lend to Grace, please contact Beth at: 916-941-0800 or email:

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