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Veterinary Seminar Series 

Dr. Mike Russell of the Grace Foundation presents a series of seven informational seminars on a variety of equine health topics. Each seminar will provide in-depth details and explanations of the topic at hand as well as providing solid take home information which an owner can utilize to help make important decisions about their own horses’ health. When appropriate, descriptive discussions of anatomy and physiology will be included.

Seminar 1: Understanding Equine Colic: Causes, treatments, outcomes, preventions & Emergency Preparedness

Seminar 2: The Life Cycle of the Equine Mouth: Dental Anatomy and Age Related Changes, Equine Dentistry-Underuse vs. Overaggressive, Feeding the Horse with an Aged Mouth

Seminar 3: Equine Parasites: Types of Parasites, Live Cycles, Types of DE wormers, Deworming Programs & Strategies for your Herd

Seminar 4: Equine Founder: What is Founder and Laminitis? Causes, Levels of Severity, Treatments, Emergency Preparedness

Seminar 5: Equine Vaccinations: The Equine Immune System, How Different Types of Vaccines Work, Common Vaccinations in California, Common Vaccination Reactions & Treatments

Seminar 6: Equine Ophthalmology: Anatomy of the Equine Eye, Common Eye Diseases and Treatments, What is Moon Blindness? Common Eye Injuries and Treatment, Emergency Preparedness.

Seminar 7: Equine Wellness: Working with your Veterinarian and Farrier to develop a good health plan for your horse, including discussion on nutrition, housing, vaccinations and deworming, frequency of farrier visits and shoeing.


Each Seminar is approximately 1 1/2 hour in length followed by an open question and answer session.

Seating is limited to 50 people

Dates/Time: TBD

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