The Grace Foundation of Northern California

Care, Compassion, Concern for All Living Things

Welcome to The Grace Foundation

An Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility in El Dorado Hills, CA

If you look up the Definition of “Grace” you will find it can be defined as:

  • A seemingly effortless beauty
  • Charm
  • Characteristic or quality, pleasing for its charm or refinement
  • A disposition to be generous or helpful
  • Goodwill, mercy and clemency

As you discover The Grace Foundation, you will find that it exemplifies the true meaning of “Grace.” Its a place where horses and children find the grace within themselves and share that with others. Children from all walks of life have been touched by the stories these horses tell, and each year even more will experience the magic and beauty the ranch has to offer.

If you visit The Grace Ranch, you will find a beautiful plot of open land that is home to more than one hundred horses, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and dogs. The ranch boasts a pond and 600 acres of beautiful, grassy, rolling hills. Here you will find a place where people come to shine and exhibit their grace!