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Adoptable Cats 

For questions or more information about any of these cats please contact us at (916) 221-1088 or


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There is a $75 adoption fee for all of our cats that covers their spay/neuter, one round of shots and microchip. This fee helps The Grace Foundation to rescue, provide medical care, spay and neuter, board and place other abandoned cats.

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Most of our cats are out at fosters so if you would like to see them
set up an appointment with us at (916) 221-1088 or

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Francisco, Fendi, Fallon, & Freesia
In a Foster Home
Hi there! We are an orphaned litter of 3 month old kittens and we were rescued by The Grace Foundation. We have been living with a wonderful foster who has taken really great care of us! Now, its time for us to find our forever home. Our litter has 3 girls and 1 boy. Francisco (the top left) is the only boy. Fendi (top right), Fallon (bottom left) and Freesia (bottom right) are the three girls. We are all ready to go to our forever homes!

Esmeralda & 2 kittens
In a Foster Home
Hi! I'm Esmeralda and I am a 1 year old cat. On May 15, 2012 I became the proud mother of 5 kittens. Now that my kittens are old enough, its time for all of us to find great new homes. I had 3 little girls and 2 little boys. We have all been fixed and are ready to go to our forever home!
3 of my babies have found new homes, let me introduce you to the others:
Little Magpie
Hi! Mommy calls me her little magpie. I'm one of 3 girls from my litter. Will you be my new family?

Little Man
Hi! My mommy calls me her little man. Will you take me home and love me forever?

Ethel & 3 kittens
In a Foster Home
Hi! My name is Ethel. I am a 1 year old cat and the mother of 6. My kittens were born on May 23, 2012. They are now old enough that they can all start looking for forever homes. Right now I am acting as a foster mom and nursing two orphaned kittens so I'm not ready to find a new home just yet. My kittens have been spayed and neutered and are now ready to go. Let me introduce my kittens:
Little Ellie
Hi! Mommy says I'm her elegant little lady so she calls me Ellie for short. Will you be my forever family?

Little Elsie
Hi! My mom calls me her Little Elsie because my black patches remind her of Elsie the Cow. I guess they must have been good friends once. Will you take me home?

Little E-mell
Hi! Mom calls E-mell. Its short for her little marshmallow because she says I look like I have a marshmallow stuck under my nose. Can I be your new best friend?

Little MoMo
Hi! Mommy calls little MoMo. She says its short for little eskimo because I love to give eskimo kisses. Can I give you kisses?

Erika & 3 kittens
In a Foster Home
Hi! I'm Erika and I am a 3 year old cat. I gave birth to a litter of 4 on May 14, 2012. Now that my kittens are old enough, its time for us to start looking for families to love. I am a very sweet  girl and I love to be petted.  We all still need to be fixed but once that's over with we will be able to go home with our new families. We  have to stay with our foster until we are fixed, but don't forget you can still adopt us before then!
Let me introduce you to my kittens:

Little Panda Girl
Hi! Mom calls me her little panda girl because I'm black and white just like a panda. I'm the most adventurous of my family and nothing scares me! I love to play and explore!

Little Elle
Hi! My mom calls me her little Elle. I am the most laid back of my family and I love to cuddle up in your lap. I like to play too and I love hanging out with my siblings, especially Little Himalayan Girl. She is my best friend!

Little Himalayan Girl
Hi there! Mommy calls me her little Himalayan girl because of my snowing coloring. I am a very sweet little girl and almost as laid back as my best friend Little Elle. I love to be held and enjoy playing with my siblings.

Felicia and 1 kitten
In a Foster Home
Hi! My name is Felicia. I am a 2 year old cat and the mother of 2. My kittens were born on May 20, 2012. One of my little babies (the orange kitten) has already found his forever home, but my other kitten and I are still looking for ours. We have both been spayed and are ready to go to forever homes!
Let me introduce my little girl:
Little Lynx
Hi! My mom calls me her little lynx. Will you be my new family?

Hi! My name is Cali. I am a 4 month old Calico kitten. I am a sweet little girl. I love people and am a total cuddle bug. My favorite place to be is curled up on your lap. If your looking for a great family cat, I'm your girl!

We have 1 litter of kittens in foster that are too young for adoption.
Please check back with us soon!

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