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Susanville Horses
The Susanville Horses Need Your Help!
The cost of their care is now totaling $50,000/month! We are asking everyone to donate $1 per horse, that's just $48, to help us raise the money to care for them this month. If we can get just 1,000 people to donate this amount we can reach our goal this month! Remember, every person who donates will be a part of saving these horses!
Be sure to check out the latest update on the Susanville case below!

Help Grace Raise $50,000 to care for the Susanville 48 this July

Collected: $52,167.00
Goal: $50,000.00
Remember, every dollar counts and every donation made will save a life!

Here is how you can help and become a part of The Grace Foundation's efforts to provide continuing care for the Susanville 70:

  • Join iGive and help Grace save lives when you shop online!
    • It's free and it's easy!
  • All you have to do is click here, download the iGive button and a percentage of every online purchase you make will automatically be donated to Grace!
  • Grace will receive a $5 donation for every person who just downloads the button using the link above
  • Send your donation of any amount. Each and every dollar will make a difference.
    • This money will go to help pay for the feed, medical care and the care of the mares and their new and unborn foals. 
    • If you donate $1.00 to each of the horses your $48.00 donation will make you a "Pay it Forward - Susanville 48" team member.
    • You can make donations online through PayPal by clicking here or by mailing donations to: The Grace Foundation, P.O. Box 4692, El Dorado Hills, Ca 95762
  • Donate your time and services
    • We are in need of legal and media assistance on this case
    •  We are also in need of administrative/ computer help on the pay it forward project, emails etc...Please email if you can help.

Most of you are familiar with the story of the Susanville 70 and have even been following this case since Grace became involved back in April of last year.  If you are new to the Grace family and have not followed the story, please check out the links below.


Click here to read the latest update on this case
Click here for a video about this case

Click Here to Donate to the Susanville Horses

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