The Grace Foundation of Northern California

Care, Compassion, Concern for All Living Things

The Grace Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of abused and neglected horses, livestock and other animals. Grace then provides critical care and rehabilitation for these animals. Once they have been rehabilitated, most of these animals are adopted. However many live out their lives at the at The Grace Ranch and assist in learning and therapeutic programs for youth and adults.



Buster is an Anatolian Shepherd mix who was rescued from Sacramento. He was originally adopted out to a working couple living in apartment. However, he was returned to the shelter after jumping out of a second story window due to severe separation anxiety. He was rescued from euthanasia by Beth DeCaprio, the Executive Director of Grace, and now lives a happy life where he is never alone. Buster is a ranch favorite and most days he can be found running around The Grace Ranch playing with the other dogs and greeting visitors. When Buster is not at the ranch, he is at home with Beth and her other 5 dogs. Buster is a sweet boy who just looking for a little attention so if you come by the ranch, be sure to give Buster a little love when you see him!

Milkshake: The Grace Foundation’s Famous Cow


Milkshake did not begin her life as a star. From the age of 2 weeks old, all Milkshake knew was the 10×10 pen that was her prison. Milkshake never knew her mother, no did she have any friends. Therefore, when she was rescued nearly three years later, her first bonding experience was with her caretaker, Beth DeCaprio. Milkshake imprinted on Beth and today, if allowed, Milkshake will follow Beth anywhere on the ranch. This unusual attachment to Beth has led Milkshake to become a youtube star and eventual to her making a national television debut on Animal Planet’s show Bad Dog.

Click here to watch the youtube video of Milkshake
Click here to watch a clip of Milkshake’s Animal Planet debut



Wilbur is an 800 pound pig who was found at large in Wilton, Ca. Wilbur was never claimed so The Grace Foundation rescued him and gave him a forever home. Today Wilbur can be found relaxing in the mud at Grace where he is a ranch favorite. He is a very sweet and mellow pig and is used as one of the animal teachers in our Veterinary Camps.