The Grace Foundation of Northern California

Care, Compassion, Concern for All Living Things

Thank You for your interest in adopting or fostering an animal from The Grace Foundation.

Currently the Grace Foundation is closed to visitors.

If you are considering adopting a dog please email

We are committed to improving the lives of animals in our community and matching our animals with loving homes. Our focus is on horses, but we also help the local shelters by taking other livestock as well as small animals that are slated for euthanasia.

Adopting a Horse or other Livestock

All of our horses have been rescued and many of them have come from backgrounds of abuse of neglect. These are great, loving horses who just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are now looking for new homes to love and care for them. If you are looking for a horse, please consider one of our wonderful rescues!

Filling out the Adoption Application is the first step in our adoption process and must be completed prior to visiting the ranch to view adoptable horses and livestock. Adoption applications are available to fill out online (see link below) or in person at the Grace ranch.

If you have any questions about our available animals please contact our Large Animal Adoption Director, The Grace Foundation  (916) 941-0800.

Adopting a Dog

All of our adoptable dogs were slated for euthanasia at one of the animal control agencies or shelters in California. These are all great dogs that will make extra special new friends who will love you forever. All these dogs want is to find new families to love them as much as they will love you!

There is a $150 adoption fee for all of our dogs that covers the dog’s spay/neuter, one round of shots and a microchip. This fee helps The Grace Foundation to rescue, provide medical care, spay and neuter, board and place other abandoned dogs. For more information email

Most of our adoptable dogs are out at fosters so if you would like to see them please fill out our adoption application and then set up an appointment with us. To set up an adoption appointment or for questions or more information about any of our dogs please contact us at .

Become a Grace Foster

All of our dogs have been rescued from euthanasia so they make extra special companions! We need foster homes! Grace is always in need of people and families to open up their hearts and their homes to our newly rescued dogs and cats. All of our dogs and cats are rescued from animal shelters or animal control agencies and usually come from background of abuse and neglect. Our goal is to be able to provide welcoming home environments for all of our small animals as soon as possible after rescuing them.