The Grace Foundation of Northern California

Care, Compassion, Concern for All Living Things

One of the best ways YOU can help Grace and support our mission of rescue is to Adopt a Forever Friend.

The ongoing cost of caring for the Susanville horses is one of the biggest challenges Grace faces today and while the future of these horses is still uncertain we must find a way to continue to provide their feed and care until they are able to be adopted out to forever homes.

One way that YOU can help Grace in these efforts is to adopt one of Grace’s other beloved rescues.

As part of Grace’s reopening plan, Grace is offering special adoption fees to approved homes. If you have room in your heart and home to give a Grace horse a forever home PLEASE take a look at these incredible horses.

Please start by filling out the adoption application:
Click here for the Adoption Application

After filling out the application, our Adoptions Director, Ron Warr will contact you. If you have any additional questions about these horses please contact Adoption Director – Equine and Livestock  (916) 941-0800  or email